Having a pretty face is a blessing..I doubt!!

Hii, So I am like any other normal girl.Love to experiment with looks. Be it with my hair, clothes or anything. I get bored easily with the same look. But if I like to change my looks, then it is just for me. Not for anyone else.
I don’t know how it is in other cities since I have not been out of Chandigarh but I have heard things are pretty easy for girls out there in Mumbai, Bangalore or Delhi (for some) fortunately.
When I was young I used to play outside of my home with my friends. It was so much fun.Then as I grew up, things got little change. Even if I have to go to the market, I had to make sure that I should not go when it is darker because that’s when boys roam around. I used to go out either with my friends or with my mom. Things got very weird when I started going to the college. It is a time when you need to get independent because it used to be very awkard if your dad or brother drops you to the college. so I bought activa and hence I started going to the college on my own. It was a very good feeling until boys started following me till home. Not like I want to have bodyguards with me. So why does all this happen. Because boys are crazy, they think they can easily woo a girl or because she is pretty.
That’s a very common problem in here. if a girl is pretty, people would stare at her as if something is wrong with her.
When I am out , and people start looking at you, they turn back at you and then you feel that awkwardness. O h god is there something wrong with me,with my hair or with my dress.
Also, People know you as a pretty girl. They don’t know you for who you are. They don’t know what you are capable of. They don’t know your qualities .They don’t think you are intelligent or hard working because they know you as a pretty girl.
People there is more than just looks. Stop judging girls on the basis of their looks. It is weird very weird..


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