Singh is Bling!!! Not so Shinier

Alright so Singh is bling starring Khatron ke Khiladi Akshay Kumar who faced quite a khatra in the movie but her lady love was always there for him. No no she was not praying for him to be safe from the goons rather she was the real fighter in the movie. Talking of whom, Amy Jackson, the leading lady of the movie barely had any dialogues in the movie but she did quite the stunts which left me stunned.( Go girl!)  Raftar Singh (Akshay Kumar) as expected is again a jolly, entertaining , good from heart and good for nothing moves to Goa to prove himself that he is capable of doing something, gets some work where he meets Sara ( Amy Jackson ) who is from Romania comes to Goa to find her mother. Kay kay Menon is there in the negative lead who wants to marry Sara anyhow. At the time of the wedding, hero comes in and saves the girl from getting married to the villain.
Film has Lara Dutta also, who is the translator in the movie. Because Raftaar Singh does not know English and Sara does not know any Hindi. Now we all know that Lara Dutta is an ex Miss Universe and is very glamorous. But her look in the movie was not shown that way because then people would have gotten confuse who is the heroine of the movie.
Kay Kay Menon again has impressed us with his versatility.
Like any other bollwood film it has songs, comedy action, drama, emotions but where is the story.
Singh has shown his worth but wanted to see something new and more. Oh Yes we have seen these kind of films earlier. Rest is on you. What is your pick on it.


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