‘Too Dark’: In Conversation with Jovita George

Preferring fairer skinned over darker skinned has corrupted lots of minds. Not only, girls look out on internet for home made remedies to get fairer skin in just a week, these skin whitening ads act as parasite on the minds of people.
I look out in the matrimonial ads which starts as fair complexion girl, 5. 6 height, 48 weight and much more. or looking for a fairer complexion girl. It is sickening. Just sickening.


People are usually unaware of the exact era, some believe it roots back to colonialism and only stood as an issue once the British rule ended, where as others say it has always existed. Despite the historically differing views, as we know it today – dark skin prejudice is a largely problematic intraracial issue, which affects almost all cultures and communities.

Being of South Asian heritage myself, it’s disheartening to see the way the way that minds are conditioned into associating beauty with the fairness of the skin. Prejudicing darker skin tones is a problem that often dictates the way that young dark skinned people feel about their own skin, especially girls.

Today, I am in conversation with Jovita George, who is also known on the internet as Mr Jovita George. As a dark skinned Indian influencer on YouTube, she kicks the stereotypes aside and let’s her confident…

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