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Don’t judge her!!

Okay I have only male friends. Does that make me a girl of a questionable character, or a girl who is available or a slut?

Yes I only have female friends. Now does that make me the most innocent girl ever?

How do you decide if a girl is innocent or not?

Or what we say, ache ghr se hai? Comes from a good family?

Wait let me tell you, by measuring how many male or female friends she has.

That’s correct.

I don’t get the idea of people judging girls on the basis of their looks, appearance, whom she hangs out with or when does she come home.

We have this habit in our society where some poke their nose in somebody else’s matter. Be it our neighbors, relatives or even our own friends sometimes.

I have heard people talking about girls that how she is only friends with boys and she does not get along with the girls. And then conversation just changes into something really horrible. Like for example, maybe she is into something suspicious. Now what is suspicious? And by suspicious here, they mean something sexual. Yes, unfortunately, I have been part of this conversation.

I don’t get it how their brain work? Just because she is more comfortable with boys, we certify that girl as a characterless woman.

No it’s not her character which needs to be questioned. It’s you and your thoughts which need to be structured well.

We talk about being in a 21st Century and equality, feminism and sexism. But we are still there where we were decades ago when it comes to our girls.

You know what we are best at. Judging Girls. If she is wearing a short dress, she is a not a nice girl. If she is wearing a make-up even in the morning, she is not a nice girl. If she is having a drink or a smoke, definitely she is not a nice girl. And yes if she is talking to guys, hangs around with them, you know what we call her.

This is our society. That’s how we encourage our girls. Why don’t we question boys? They have female friends too. We don’t judge them. Why? Just because they are boys, we should zip our lips. Because they are boys, they are entitled to do anything and yet we should not say anything. Even if they do blunders. That’s our society.

If you like to question girls then please do it with boys too. If you cannot, then let her be and support her like you support boys.

We are no one to judge or question anyone unless that person is wrong. Having more male friends or only male friends is not a crime. That’s an individual’s choice.

Respect that.

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