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Hold the horses! Look who are here.

What’s with the people slamming women all the time? I read newspaper and I find people criticizing women there. I open up social networking sites, and I happened to read some people are attacking women there. Let me tell you these women that I am talking about are talented, independent, confident, self-assured and really famous personalities of our nation and world.

I guess people just can’t get over the fact that women are equally ruling today. Women are empowering. They are getting stronger and pushing the walls harder.

Serena Williams, an established name in the tennis world with 22 Grand Slam titles to her name became the victim of body shaming. Rather than talking about her performance at Wimbledon, what people chose to talk about that one could see her nipples through her white tennis shirt.


Serena William at Wimbledon 2016.

Image Source: Pinterest.

Get a life dude. Every human being has those. Yes you also, who made issue out of it.

Recently, Jennifer Aniston also faced such criticism. By just looking at her stomach, paparazzi assumed that she is pregnant and made her stomach talk of the town.


Jennifer Aniston.

Image Source: Tumblr.

How about we talk about her career? How about we talk about that loving Rachel from Friends? How about we talk about her movies and how about we talk about how much she has entertained us all of these years and how well she is continuing to do that.

Not just this, people also want to criticize actor’s decisions in their movies. Recently, a Bollywood blockbuster Sultan was released starring Salman Khan and Anushka Sharma.  In the film, where Anushka’s character Aarfa decides to choose motherhood over her career and people chose to pour hate comments over the social media sites.


Anushka Sharma in Sultan.

Image Source: Pinterest

Social Media sites definitely give you a power to speak your mind but at least make some sense. How legit it was to make fun of global star Priyanka Chopra’s armpits. Say something about her accomplishments. Why in the world people is bragging about her armpits?

Priyanka Chopra on Maxim Cover Page

Priyanka Chopra on the cover page of Maxim.

Image Source: Pinterest.

However, Priyanka Chopra had the best answer to shut all of them up.


Priyanka Chopra’s answer to all who lashed at her.

She tweeted back and gave a hard time to haters.

I would just want to say one thing that if you choose to blabber for no reasons, then women also choose not to put tapes on their mouth. Get ready to have some backlash on your road fellas.

Or else, Peace!!

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I grew up watching Friends. Honestly, I still watch it over and over again and never get tired of it.  Watching six different people madly in love with each other, care for each other and also stand by each other whatsoever happens is just so amazing and a treat for an eye to watch. Must say, watching FRIENDS is the best therapy to turn your sad mood in a happy one. :)It completely  fills you with the positivity. Isn’t it?  Other than this, what Friends can teach you better, I guess no one can.

So here is my list of what Friends has taught me so far in Life:

  • First and foremost: You can not ever and ever ditch  your friend over somebody else. Just remember the golden line said by Phoebe Buffay: Boyfriends and Girlfriends will come and go, Friends Stay Forever.

Boyfriends and Girlfriends will come and go, Friends stay forever


  • Supportive is the word: No matter what, Friends wont leave you miserable. They are the best support system ever.

Welcome to the Real World, It Sucks


  • Ssshhh!! Lets not tell this to her or him. You can do that to your best friends. Yes! Never hide any secrets from your best pals. It is very bad.

In London


Never keep any secrets


  • Never let you do crazy stuff alone.

Friends not let you do crazy stuff alone


Haha! Picture says it all.

And what else fun is Joey Special when you order two pizzas at the same time.

So now this is what I am going to do. Will going to order pizzas, call my friends and watch FRIENDS. I am sure you would want to do the same thing. Go ahead and have a good time watching FRIENDS.

Bbye have fun.